Upcoming Events

Provisional Calendar of Meetings and Workshops to be Organised and/or Attended by SESRIC
Date Meetings/ Workshops / Training Venue
25-27 March 2018 Statistical Course on ‘Data Analysis' in Maldives Male - Maldives
25-27 March 2018 Statistics Course on 'International Trade Statistics' in Sudan Khartoum - Sudan
27-28 March 2018 Statistics Course on ‘Infographics’ in Kuwait Kuwait City - Kuwait
28 March - 03 April 2018 The Ministry of Higher Education of Sudan to Attend a Study Visit to University Techno Parks in Turkey Ankara/Istanbul-Turkey -
02-06 April 2018 Workshop on the Operational Readiness for E-Commerce Project: Quality of Service Fund (QSF) and Remuneration for the Arab Region Tunis - Tunisia
06-08 April 2018 Technical Mission on ‘Labour Statistics' in Cameroon Yaoundé - Cameroon
16-18 April 2018 Statistics Course on ‘Gender Statistics' in Maldives Male - Maldives
18-22 April 2018 Workshop on Integration of the Traditional and Complementary Medicine Practices into the Health Systems and Health Services Istanbul - Turkey
02-03 May 2018 Seventh Session of OIC Statistical Commission (OIC-StatCom) Ankara - Turkey
07-19 May 2018 SESRIC, TIKA and the Ministry of Health of Turkey to organise the “Training of Trainers on Medical Search and Rescue and Ambulance Services” for Sudanese experts Izmir - Turkey
12-13 May 2018 SESRIC and YTB joint workshop on ‘Muslim Diaspora: Prospects and Challenges for Global Peace and Prosperity’ Istanbul - Turkey
03-04 September 2018 Statistics Course on ‘Analytical and Critical Thinking’ in Albania Tirana - Albania
29 November - 02 December 2018 The 6th OIC Halal Expo and World Halal Summit 2018 Istanbul - Turkey