Upcoming Events

Provisional Calendar of Meetings and Workshops to be Organised and/or Attended by SESRIC
Date Meetings/ Workshops / Training Venue
22-24 January 2018 Training Course on ‘Data Analysis' in Maldives Male - Maldives
23-24 January 2018 Study Visit on ‘Labour Statistics’ to Brunei Darussalam Bandar Seri Bagawan - Brunei
24-25 January 2018 SESRIC to Attend to the Third Meeting of the TOSSD Task Force Ottawa-Canada -
29-30 January 2018 Study Visit on ‘Population and Migration Statistics’ to Malaysia Putrajaya - Malaysia
05-07 February 2018 10th Session of Islamic Conference of Tourism Ministers Dhaka - Bangladesh
21-22 February 2018 5th Islamic Conference of Ministers in Charge of Childhood Rabat - Morocco